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The Dobšiná Days and the Pentecost Fair

The Pentecost is celebrated all around the world. In Slovakia, this feast has been given several names: Turíce, Rusadle, Zelené sviatky (literally “Green Holidays”) or Letnice. The Pentecost is one of the oldest holidays adopted by Christians from Judaism. In Christianity, the Pentecost is a celebration of the Descent of Holy Spirit to the apostles after the resurrection of Jesus. It is celebrated 50 days after the Easter and 10 days after the Ascension-Day.

The Pentecost has a long tradition in the mining town of Dobšiná and it is the most important event of the year, as it is referred to as a celebration of miners’ hard work. The celebration of the Pentecost is associated with the founding of the Mining Guild – Bruderschaft.

This Christian feast is, thus, dedicated to all who worked or work in mining industry. Thanks to the Mining Guild, the Pentecost has survived as a mining holiday and has been passed down from generation to generation up to the present. The holidays preserve a noble concept of humanity and recalls the times of glory and gradual decline of mining industry, during which the members of the Guild were helping each other, especially when some of them were struck by misfortune, illness or death. In 1993, this custom was restored and the almost forgotten tradition of the town of Dobšiná was finally given a new foundation stone.

The Dobšiná days and the Pentecost are associated with many rewarding cultural events. During these days a traditional Pentecost and craft market takes place. All miners, religious people and other citizens of Dobšiná are looking forward to it.



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