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Sports activities in the town

Hiking, cycling, thematic tourist trails

Čuntava glade is one of the most preferred spots of tourists and locals, lying right along the major Slovak tourist trail - Cesta hrdinov SNP (the Trail of the Heroes of Slovak National Uprising), which spans from Devín to Dukla. Several waymarked routes continue from here to Stolica, Dobšinská Ice Cave or to the spring of the river Hron. Ondrejisko, a hill on the west of the area, is the best outlook spot around.

A new 13.8 km long cycling path stretches from Dobšiná to Tri ruže, through Lányiho Huta and Voniarky to Palcmanská Maša.

There is also a thematic tourist route Dobšiná – Ramža – Papiereň. The network comprises walking tracks (4.5 km long), bicycle routes (8.8 km) and a demanding bicycle downhill track (2 km).

Mining thematic tourist route includes nine information signs describing the mining history of Dobšiná. Course of the hike: Námestie baníkov Square – Gothic Evangelical Church – Zimná Street – SNP Street – Záhradná Street – Lányiho Huta – Main square in Lányiho Huta – Gápel – Flos – Rik.


Fitness centre Calisto (tel.: +421 917 351 603)

Tennis court – Rozkvet residential area (tel.: +421 918 656 474)

Cross-country cycling course  – Rozkvet residential area

Horse riding in Lányiho Huta (tel.: +421 948 114 871)

Ice rink - Rozkvet residential area (tel.: +421 58/7941 154)



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