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Fauna and flora around Dobšiná


Dobšiná and its surroundings provide a habitat for nearly all species of hoofed game living in medium-latitude Europe.  You might find traces of predators during your walks, as wild cat, lynx, wolf, fox and brown bear, songbirds and birds of prey as harrier, buzzard, Saker falcon, peregrine falcon, as well as gallinaceous birds as western Capercaillie and black grouse. Lovers of recreational and sport fishing will surely enjoy themselves. Fishing around Dobšiná is allowed in Vlčia dolina reservoir and Dobšiná compensation reservoir, as well as in Palcmanská Maša reservoir and the river Hnilec on the south of the Slovak Paradise National Park. A pair of Vlachovo ponds is a beautiful carp spot.



The surrounding of Dobšiná is covered with beech and mixed forests combined with coniferous trees – spruce, fir and pine groves. The nature of the area is known for a variety of endemic plants, vast and rich gene pool, cultural and semicultural biotopes, mainly that of fruit trees, as, e.g., early wild cherry, wild plum, Turkish sour cherry – Mahaleb, blackthorn, Cornelian cherry, elderberry, etc., and provides excellent conditions for collecting medicinal plants, mushrooms or forest fruits – raspberry, blackberry, billberry, strawberry, blackthorn, etc.





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